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“Something Beautiful Remains”
Acrylic On Canvas 48x48

By Phillip Scharper July 15,2023

If I were to give Artist Wayne Smith's work a moniker it would be "Enlightened Soul."


This Harlem-based painter's subtley powerful canvases employ clean lines, pleasing geometric shapes and complimentary colors, which both recede and emerge from the surface to give a dynamic impression of three-dimensional depth and movement.


"Enlightened Soul" the title work, evokes a feeling of peace, power, joy, promise, hope, and well-being. Viewing it, the painting has an uncanny healing power to rebalance, harmonize and uplift the viewer's soul.


In this post- covid era, where so many lives are trauma-ravaged with loss, pain, confusion, fear and hopelessness, Smith's work offers a healing salve and lasting antidote.


One can imagine it adorning the corridor walls of a hospital, workspace, school, gallery or museum, offering people a ladder to a higher life condition and a restoration of self.


Well, Wayne, obviously I really like your work. Great great potential and I sense your mission lies in "getting it out there!!"

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 Nakayama Butsudans 2444 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Suite B

Portland, OR 97214 U.S.A.

Phone: (503)233-2200



Business Hours: 11 AM - 5 PM Pacific Standard Time

Monday - Saturday (Closed Sundays & Holidays) 

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